#ShortFilmShoutout: ‘Easter Snap’ From RaMell Ross Chronicles A Homestead Ritual


This is installment #16 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. RaMell Ross’ critically-acclaimed documentary, Hale County This Morning, This Evening, captivated audiences and was nominated for an Academy Award. Now, his first short film is now available for streaming after making rounds at… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: The Semi-Autobiographical ‘What This Place Meant’ Showcases The Notion And Emotional Toll Of Rebuilding

Webp.net-resizeimage - 2019-09-29T145129.264

This is installment #15 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. With many factors such as exorbitant housing prices and gentrification threatening to displace many Black families in America, filmmaker Stewart Gray III has used his semi-autobiographical short film to hone in… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: ‘A Craftsman’ Is A Sobering, Haunting Look At Grief


Note: This short film contains subject matter relating to suicide. Please read and share cautiously. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline online or via phone at 1-800-273-8255 (for the… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: ‘Drive Slow’ Explores The Feeling Of Applying To College Through The Lens Of A Chicago Teen

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This is installment #11 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. Anyone who has gone through the college admissions process knows it can be tedious and arduous, encompassing standardized tests and financial aid applications. But no part of the process is perhaps… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: Black Girl Magic Meets Period Piece Mystery In ‘Beauty’


This is installment #10 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. Mystery abounds in the Kasi Lemmons-executive produced short Beauty. Set in 1934, Beauty stars Jenna Williams as Rose Booth, a woman looking for employment in Virginia. She interviews for a housekeeping… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: The Experimental And Atmospheric ‘See My Dreams Come True’ Showcases The Power Of The Ancestors

See My Dreams Come True

This is installment #9 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. If you’re spiritual on any level, you probably recognize the idea that the ancestors inform us, even when we aren’t aware. This idea is embedded in Vernon Jordan, III’s short film,… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: ‘Black Girl Church’ Explores The Relationship Between The Beauty Supply Store And Black Women

Black Girl Church

This is installment #8 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. The beauty supply store is a place that helps to define Black women’s lives in more ways than one. Black Girl Church aims to break down why this store is a staple… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: ’00:11:45′ Presents A Black Girl’s Journey Through A Zombie Apocalypse

00-11-45-short film

This is installment #6 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. If you thought you were all zombied out because of The Walking Dead, then think again! The genre is presented anew in the short film 00:11:45, written by Nakia Stephens and… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: ‘The Dispute’ Is ‘B.A.P.S.’ Meets ‘Atlanta,’ With A Focus On Friendship And Laid Edges

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 3.52.30 PM

This is installment #3 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. We’ve heard the story of two down-and-out friends who are presented with a way to improve their lives, but have you seen the story presented via two girls from South Central?… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: ‘Malcolm’ Imagines What Malcolm X Would Say About 21st Century Racism


This is installment #2 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. The Boondocks‘ most famous episode, “Return of the King,” gives viewers a look at how tired and cynical a modern-day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be about Black America’s predicament… Continue Reading

#ShortFilmShoutout: Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo’s ‘Bariga Sugar’ Follows An 8-Year-Old In Lagos


This is installment #1 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series. Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo’s short film Bariga Sugar centers on Ese, a reclusive 8-year-old girl living in Bariga Sugar, a brothel located in Bariga, Lagos. Ese’s mother, Tina, is one of Bariga Sugar’s working… Continue Reading